Friday, September 10, 2010

Sugar.Snap.Me to Fall

Time to feature another creative shop on our Isle. Sugar.Snap.Me is located on the beach just below, near the monster cave and is surrounded by water. Please use caution as we cannot guarantee you will not encounter any sea monsters.

Mar Quintessa creates incredible builds, one of which is The Ruins which she uses for her shop.

The build includes this great fountain feature as well as scripted gates and only 200L.

35L Gatcha Machine features The Pom Pom Tree which comes in 9 different colors!

Don't mind Pepe, Mar says that he is quite docile so long as you don't try to feed him!

The Swamp House (150L) comes in three different colors named after the colorful vamps of TrueBlood, Bill, Eric and Sookie(Picture shown is Bill).

The voodoo table is not included, however it is for sale and only 75L.

This rocking chair (75L for a set of two) is also a must have for a swampy existence, nothing like sitting on the porch playing with the gators.

Vampiric bliss, the skybox La Chauve Souris is now only 100L. This skybox is both inexpensive and full of blood-lusting charm!

A new series Mar will be bringing to the Isle is her Autumn Serenity Collection, which is a collection of small homes. The collection will feature six different colors (Acorn Squash, Blue Potato, Eggplant, Radish, Sweet Corn and featured in the picture Pumpkin).

Still out and up for grabs from Woeful and only 50L is L'Encylopedei: Chauvre-Souris. This skybox is the first in a series she is working on.

I personally love this skybox and let's face it...bats are just too damn cute!


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