Thursday, October 14, 2010

Horrorfest Peek-a-Boo II

As Horrorfest fast approaches, as well my wedding anniversary to Kriss on Halloween, anything that resembles Burton is a WIN for me! Cyclic Gearz of Starstruck created the Burton Wardrobe, a place where even Sally Stitches could hide (candelabra not included).

The name of the box, Sharing is Caring, comes with a color change bow and a small note simply stating "I give you my heart". In addition to the Horrorfest goodies Jacqueline Daniels of *Sticks and Stones* also has out for the charity event Under Where?

...a darling table with a sit animation that keeps you hidden under the table (actually has three animations). The retractable tablecloth is scripted...

to reveal who is hiding, BOO!

DemotiK and all their demons created Skullypunk Ankle boots in both Blood & Gloom! Here I am sitting on a well of lost wishes and I get to wear a little gloom...

some wicked detail in the Gloom ankle boots.

The boots come with a HUD that allows you to tint to match whatever skin color and also allows the wearer the option of nail color.

Every blood thirsty ghoulie needs Blood, Blood Ankle boots that is! Horrorfest opens up to the public tomorrow, Friday, October 15th!


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