Saturday, February 18, 2012

Grimm Briar Rose

 ImmateriA has a new release and this time it is the story of Briar Rose, thirteen fairies live throughout the kingdom but only twelve were invited to the party for the King and Queen's daughter. The thirteenth fairy, the one uninvited was angry and arrived at the party to place the curse of death... 
Pictured above is our Grimm Briar Rose in the color of a red rose entitled, Madame Louis Laperriere!

 Moon Shadow, beautiful shade of purle named after the rose itself...a rose is but a rose. The outfit includes top & pants, a cape, skirt and the pantaloons.

 Black Baccara

Viridiflora, beautiful sculpted roses embellish the front of the pantaloons.

Don't forget to check out The Eldergoth Macabre Release Party creators that will be set up throughout the weekend, you can find the items right outside our main store.


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