Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Horror Haute Cramps

Lux Interior - Zombie
At the zombie dance/nobody moves/they tap their toes/yeah, wiggle their eats to get in the groove!
As fireworks shoot off in the month of July, so does Horror Haute. This month's installment is Lux Interior...something everyone can wear (and give a little listen *winks*). The rigged mesh unisex kilt and spiked wristbands comes in five sizes to accommodate different shapes and sizes. It is also being offered in four different monster patterns.
Lux Interior - Germ
Better ask my momma how to make a monster/I'm the creature from the black leather lagoon/I'm a beautiful monster from outer space/ too, learned how to shake my hips in the inner sanctum!

Lux Interior - Slimer
Hide the virgins, say your prayers/here come trouble from the cosmic sea/gouts of blood kill all the squares/It's the Aztec mummy versus murderous me!

Lux Interior - ThirdEye
I went out to eat the other night/picked up my girl at eight/in my soup I found a fly/but, there beyond my plate/ was an eyeball in my martini!
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Horror Haute begins July 25th through July 31st, seven days of blood gushing, flesh ripping, monster chasing shopping experience.


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