Sunday, January 25, 2015

Rokurokubi at Horror Haute

Horror Haute begins today with this month's theme paying homage to Japanese Horror. ImmateriA offers up the Rokurokubi or the Long Neck Woman for this month. The Rokurokubi is an urban legend about a female creature that look and act like normal human beings, but as the night approaches their necks begin to grow long. So long in fact that it frees their heads to move around from their bodies scaring mortals!

The ensemble includes a rigged mesh head with hair and eyes specific to the incredible long neck mesh head created for me by Stargazer Creations. Also found in the package is a skin, rigged mesh hair to wear without the head, eyes, geisha dress, panty, and okobo sandals.

Horror Haute is only here for seven days, January 25th - 31st.


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