Thursday, August 19, 2010

Formerly Full of Woe

Two Woeful Wednesdays have now past and I find myself forced to look towards a woeful future, so I present to all our darklings the past two Woeful items now a permanent fixture of ImmateriA. The most recent item, "the Drowning" is an animated boat with a continuous rotation. It features a creepy little rag doll nested in the corner watching while you row, but mysteriously you may find your self outside the boat face down.

I love ravens and what better way to showcase my love for the exquisite creatures? I created a quaint conversational seating area that features two animated chairs, capable of presenting the look of two individuals having a fascinating conversation. The lamp has a scripted light bulb that mysteriously flickers, I suspect it is just a little sign from the great beyond...the name Poe comes to mind. Also included in the set is the rug shown in picture above.


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