Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rats at Crooked Designs...Oh My!

Yes, that is exactly what I said. Rats run amok at Crooked Designs and for good reason! Tired of staring at tiny yapping dogs in handbags? Want a way to carry around your own small rat army?
Looking for an accessory to finish of that Black Death outfit?

Then the Crooked Designs Basket O’ Rats maybe just what you’re looking for. Carry your friends/pets/minions/familiars/torture device around with you in a stylish basket. Never again feel the regret that you haven’t got a pocketful of rats on your person.
These fascinating little friends may well be the most discerning conversationalists in the room.
And of course nothing quite says strange little girl (or boy!) like a basket full of rats on the arm.

Crooked Designs is located up on the side of the hill, right above ImmateriA. Merry Gildea (pictured in the Basket O' Rats Ad) is the strange, but awfully cute creator and owner of the haunted little shop on the hill.

As you walk into the shop, please step over the kitty as she is quite temperamental and has been known to rip a few toes from unsuspecting shoppers.

If you are tired from all that walking (especially climbing up the side of the hill), please take some tea (Crooked Designs "Strange Little Teapot") for some refreshing strange brew. The teapot features a moving lid and steam and will give you a cup of strange green liquid. Also featured in picture is the grungy old sofa that has seen better days, only six prims and includes four animations for you and friends to enjoy.

Did I happen to mention that the store is haunted? Please watch for flying books, owner is not responsible for injuries!

Aside from Merry's Basket O' Rats, her "Haunted Little Doll" is an absolute favorite of mine and a must have for any doll collector! The doll is animated, the creepy little thing will move on touch or with the touch on/off loop.

Proof of life after death (just look behind me in the corner) is located on the second floor of Crooked Designs!

You will also find a wide variety of doll keys located on the second floor. Crooked Designs at Black Plaid Isle, Living Dreams (192, 99, 70)


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