Sunday, April 17, 2011

Broken: Dead Dollies of SL

ImmateriA brings four items to the charity event, Wetware 2.0 is our cyber wetdream! It includes the skin, cyber arms equipped with claws, an animated electrical current mask and a lighted circuitry life board that attaches firmly to the back!

A female version is created in a different color.

One of my favorite latex outfits, Sthenno will be offered at the event in an exclusive red! The outfit includes catsuit, belt and snake-eyed brooch.

Inari is another exclusive item offered at the event, this is a sibling to Norbert our riding stick dragons! Inari includes an on/off monster breathing sound.

Across from ImmateriA you will find the artistic skin/eye creator, Aura Falta's shop Tacky Star!
Pictured above I am wearing Warrior Skin from the Twisted Kabuki Collections, just one of six skins offered!


..::Ad!b!::.. shown here is another fav from the event, Doris Skin, Face Diamonds (a Marilyn facial piercing) & an exclusive item Funny Diamond Horns!

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