Friday, January 28, 2011

Entering Wonderland...

Hmm...curiouser and curiouser? Something a little different while plunging down the rabbit hole, we now have a collection of hats! The first batch of yummy cake hats are resize scripted and a little more unisex friendly, while the last batch of yummy cupcakes are part of the collection we created with tiny hats carefully sculpted on sweet little Lolita headbands.

Pictured above we have our Alice Cake Hat a baked lemon flavored cake with yellow-almond frosting! Tagged with a decorative decal carefully placed on the cupcake stating "eat me" and another decal pinned to the cork of the bottle stating "drink me".

Caterpillar Cake Hat is our baked vanilla with white butter-creme frosting, as well as our

Cheshire Cake Hat made from the same yummy ingredients! Nothing like a cake that smiles back at you *insert crazy laughter*.

Mad Hatter Cake Hat is our "mad" baked version of a red velvet cake without the red, but to shake things up a bit is frosted with a deep red frosting that changes its flavor with every bite!

March Hare Cake Hat is our chocolate cake with chocolate frosting sprinkled with chocolate flavored sugar...YUM!

Queen of Hearts Cake for any royal taste-buds, a yellow cake with yummy red cherry frosting and an additional cherry tart cake to boot!

Speaking of royal taste-buds... White Queen Cake is our delicately baked strawberry-vanilla cake and yummy pink strawberry frosting with sweet little sculpted vanilla ice cherry blossoms for decor!

Lastly, we have White Rabbit Cake Hat which is a lovely cherry filled tart cake with white frosting!

Something a little more sweet tasting for the dead dollies is our tiny cake hats placed on a headband with bow! All your favorite flavors...


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