Friday, January 7, 2011

What Blooms in the Dark?

I have been busy in the shop, updating the look of items I created when the shop first opened. One of the very first outfits created was Dark Blooming, with a new face-lift we are pleased to present the new version. We have the outfit in four different colors, first pictured is our Dark Blooming in Nox with a red corset and black lace. The outfit includes shoes and a script touch candle you can turn on and off.

Scarlet, again with a red corset and black lace.

Moss features the outfit with a white corset and white lace.

Violaceous, our outfit in a rich plum color with a white corset and lace.

If anyone purchased the outfit prior to the update, please contact me and show me the old, I will replace your outfit with the new version. Please note that if you picked up a Dark Blooming outfit in a different color other than what is shown, it is not part of this deal as those specific colors were part of a special release package at no cost.


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