Thursday, January 13, 2011

Welcome to the Royal Tea Party Hunt!

Welcome to ♦ ♠The Royal Tea party Hunt ♣ ♥! This isn’t really an average kind of hunt, in order to participate in the hunt as a hunter; you must purchase a HUD which will be available at the start location of the hunt, as well as in various locations of participating vendors in the hunt, such as us at ImmateriA. The HUD will cost L$200 and MUST be worn at all times during the hunt in order to gain access to the gifts inside as well as any of those available in the Royal Lounge.

Why should I pay to do a hunt when I can do another for free? Well here is why. In this hunt, not only do you get a high quality gift from each store as you travel around finding the hunt item (A Tea Cup), but at the end of the hunt, once you have filled up enough of the spots on the HUD, the Royal Lounge location will unlock. There, you will gain access to a slew of additional gifts made from various vendors in the hunt! Most, if not all, of the gift available at the end of the hunt will be exclusive items, available ONLY in the Royal Lounge and there for making them something even better to get in the end since they will be available for only a limited time!

Our hunt gift at ImmateriA, The Royal Tea Party Garden Collection comes with many surprises! Pictured above is the Mad Hatter Tea Party Set which includes the table stump, mushroom stools, cake, cupcakes, scripted teapot, and various teacups.

The Queen's Red Rose Fountain includes two animations that allow you to play in the water. The fountain is scripted with sound and splash, as the water trickles down from the top of the rose. The pool fountain water is also scripted with a low lag script that allows the sculpty water movement.

Down the Rabbit Hole includes two animations with a touch drop down menu that will allow an avie to either be shown as stuck in the rabbit hole (as pictured above) or to completely vanish into the hole. The portal is also scripted with a low lag script that shows the portal spinning!

The Garden itself is scripted in the back corner, lying as you gaze at the stars! Off with Her Head Deck of Cards is also scripted to change on touch.

Jabberwocky Seedling pictured above, the birth of something frightening?

Here "Alice" stumbles in the garden through the chess piece topiary! The garden ground is decorated to look like a chess board with its different garden grass.

The Garden Set is approximately 16x20 (perhaps a little larger) surrounded by a hedge and a heart shaped wrought iron gate in ruby red at the entrance.

Sugar. Snap. Me created a beautiful dream-like tea chambre, Dans le Nuages which allows for a great view of a star filled sky (when you have your setting to midnight) and soft glow curtains surround the inside. Beautiful french doors lead outside to the steps lighted by a single luminary.

Dreamy hedges also surround Dans le Nuages, as well as glowing vines fixed to the front of the home!

Sugar. Snap. Me version of the infamous Tea Party Table includes table with four chairs, rug, cake, plate full of cupcakes for party-goers and tea!

Exclusive to the Royal Lounge will be Sugar.Snap. Me Dans le Nuages Skybox and ImmateriA's The Royal Tea Party Garden Set which includes the garden, rabbit hole, jabberwocky seedling plant, scripted deck of cards and topiary!

If you break down the fact that you only have to pay L$200 for a HUD, and there are 50 stores in the hunt, that’s only about L$4 per gift per store! And that’s a pretty good deal! Not to mention all the extra gifts that will be in the Royal Lounge! Not to mention that you are also supporting your favorite stores around the SL grid.

So what are you waiting for!? Buy a HUD already and join in on the fun!
January 15 - February 15th!


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