Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Woeful Wednesday & Silent Lion Troupe

Sugar.Snap.Me created "Pumpkin Patch" for the Woeful Collective and I must confess that I am particularly fond of this item. I love photography and this certainly is an asset for any photo buff, think of all the wonderful photos that can be taken with this...oh! How I LOVE Halloween and the month of October!

Dorian Gray? Is that his name? Another love is Oscar Wilde's "The Picture of Dorian Gray", my inspiration for this interactive chair and picture set. The chair has two different sitting animations, but the picture possess something a little extra! The image is scripted to change from Dorian in the flesh to the more "non-flesh" self of Mister Gray, however if you click the picture and attempt to sit...beware!

Tatter-Tale Jewel includes dress, stockings and panties.

Love Song, regularly priced at 175L, today for the Silent Lion Troupe only 75L. Set includes scripted fireplace with sound, rug and pillows with two couple animations for more of those romantic evenings in your second life.

Monday, August 23, 2010


Horrorfest is a fortnight long horror themed event to be held the last two weeks in October showcasing all that is on the darkside of SL. It will feature all sorts of good stuff, a hunt, burlesque dancers, DJ events, and much much more

Two of our creative team were the organizers of the Zombiefest events which accumulatively raised 700,000L$ for charity and saw traffic of 50,000.

Horrorfest will be a little different. For one this event is not being run under the Hot For Zombies banner, HFZ is a purely charity based organization and so we feel that we must make this distinction. Proceeds from Horrorfest for your items will for the most part go to you the vendor, however, something we do stipulate for participation is that you must have one exclusive item for a charity vendor, 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this item will go to our chosen charity. This item must have not been sold before and only available at Horrorfest for the duration of the event, after that you are free to do as you please with it.. Of course you are free to do this with as many items as you like, the more we can raise for charity the better.

We are hoping to have The Sophie Lancaster Foundation as our chosen beneficiary. This has not been confirmed as yet but we'll keep you up to date on that. If you would like to know more about this charity please visit their website

There will be no charge for you participating, but we would ask that you promote the event in your blogs and store groups, and help make this event the place to be in SL this Halloween.

As well as vendors, we are also looking for DJs, Dancers, Greeters, Bloggers and SL journalists. If you know someone who might like to participate in that capacity, feel free to have them contact one of our team.

If not, we hope you come along anyway and party with us!


The Guild of Gloom

If you are interested in applying to participate there are applications available for Vendors, DJs, and Bloggers. Please contact Putrid Gloom, Munchflower Zaius, or Horrid Twine for Details

If you are interested in DJing this event, please contact Deliria Rain or Stormy Dethly

If you are interested in Blogging for the Event on your own blog or the Official Horrorfest Blog please contact Marrrriaa Quintessa.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Formerly Full of Woe

Two Woeful Wednesdays have now past and I find myself forced to look towards a woeful future, so I present to all our darklings the past two Woeful items now a permanent fixture of ImmateriA. The most recent item, "the Drowning" is an animated boat with a continuous rotation. It features a creepy little rag doll nested in the corner watching while you row, but mysteriously you may find your self outside the boat face down.

I love ravens and what better way to showcase my love for the exquisite creatures? I created a quaint conversational seating area that features two animated chairs, capable of presenting the look of two individuals having a fascinating conversation. The lamp has a scripted light bulb that mysteriously flickers, I suspect it is just a little sign from the great beyond...the name Poe comes to mind. Also included in the set is the rug shown in picture above.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Rats at Crooked Designs...Oh My!

Yes, that is exactly what I said. Rats run amok at Crooked Designs and for good reason! Tired of staring at tiny yapping dogs in handbags? Want a way to carry around your own small rat army?
Looking for an accessory to finish of that Black Death outfit?

Then the Crooked Designs Basket O’ Rats maybe just what you’re looking for. Carry your friends/pets/minions/familiars/torture device around with you in a stylish basket. Never again feel the regret that you haven’t got a pocketful of rats on your person.
These fascinating little friends may well be the most discerning conversationalists in the room.
And of course nothing quite says strange little girl (or boy!) like a basket full of rats on the arm.

Crooked Designs is located up on the side of the hill, right above ImmateriA. Merry Gildea (pictured in the Basket O' Rats Ad) is the strange, but awfully cute creator and owner of the haunted little shop on the hill.

As you walk into the shop, please step over the kitty as she is quite temperamental and has been known to rip a few toes from unsuspecting shoppers.

If you are tired from all that walking (especially climbing up the side of the hill), please take some tea (Crooked Designs "Strange Little Teapot") for some refreshing strange brew. The teapot features a moving lid and steam and will give you a cup of strange green liquid. Also featured in picture is the grungy old sofa that has seen better days, only six prims and includes four animations for you and friends to enjoy.

Did I happen to mention that the store is haunted? Please watch for flying books, owner is not responsible for injuries!

Aside from Merry's Basket O' Rats, her "Haunted Little Doll" is an absolute favorite of mine and a must have for any doll collector! The doll is animated, the creepy little thing will move on touch or with the touch on/off loop.

Proof of life after death (just look behind me in the corner) is located on the second floor of Crooked Designs!

You will also find a wide variety of doll keys located on the second floor. Crooked Designs at Black Plaid Isle, Living Dreams (192, 99, 70)

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Gother Than Thou Hunt

As we get closer to the Gother Than Thou Hunt, exclusive to members of The Thrifty Goth, I thought this was a good opportunity for a sneak peek. The gift includes outfit shown, hair-bow and a cameo choker. The outfit will be available to purchase once the hunt has ended, please watch for announcements and information on a secret one time introductory sale..wink, wink!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

^v^Woeful Wednesday^v^ on the Isle!

ImmateriA - Dark & Noble Raven
(includes 2 chairs, lamp, and rug)

::{Sugar.Snap.Me}:: La Salle de Macabre Dungeon Box
(includes 2 posing areas with modifiable restraints)