Friday, February 18, 2011

Naxhibition, Seraphine's Perverting Minds Concepts

I am always open to explore new places in SL and last night I happened to bump into my friend Jade Koltai. As we exchanged pleasant words, Jade passed a notecard announcing a new artistic endeavor along with Naxos Loon, Alpha Auer, and Afhton Pluvences. Also worth noting (mentioned in her notecard) is DJ Plum Hartness providing music, Jonhy Pausch created the flyer and also located on the sim is an area on the beach that is giving out free souvenirs from a good variety of talented creators!

Naxos Loon Exhibition

Nax TV



"Singin in the Rain"



Jade Koltai's Plop-Plop Sky Sphere

Dome: Afhton P. Naughty Works

"prends ma main"

"Red Effects"

"Revolution in Progress"

Make sure to explore the lower levels to discover more naughty works...

Dr. Nax Institute for Virtual Wellness

It opens today, February 18th 2011 from 1:00 pm SLT ( 22h00 FR - 9pm Germany/England/Portugal...............and 6 am japan 19th). Please don't forget to tell how you love and admire the unlimited talent of the artist, for more info:

Seraphine's Mood, Seraphine, 149/179/37

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tainted Love!

The Tainted Love Hunt is a grid-wide hunt during the month of February. Our hunt gift is Cupid's Curse, our version of an anti-love Cupid. The set includes a unisex skin, broken arrow chest attachment, heart pasties for those more modest Darklings, resize scripted hooves, loincloth and quiver with arrows bag. The bag has an additional script that will give out broken hearts that can be attached to the mouth. Once attached simply click on the broken heart to receive an anti-love message in open chat. Four arrows, four messages!

Happy Hunting!