Thursday, May 24, 2012

Death of Ixion

 Horror Haute is baaaack!
This month installment I offer up to the horrified gods "Death of Ixion".  Ixion myth had to do with his lustful intentions for the wife of Zeus, the Goddess Hera and to test this Zeus decided to create a cloud in the shape of Hera, which became known as Nephel and tricked Ixion into coupling with it. From that union came the birth of Centaurs. Needless to say Ixion was thunderbolted out of Olympus. Hence his death was the inspiration for this month's Horror Haute.
Horror Haute begins Friday, May 25th and will run through the 31st.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

World Goth Fair A Go!

 World Goth Fair is now open and will run until May 31st. Two wonderful dark delightful weeks to 'Get Your Goth On' with well over 55 vendors across two sims.

World Goth Fair is produced in cooperation with World Goth Day ( and benefits the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (

ImmateriA Charitable item is Charlotte Sometimes, the outfit includes top with large collar, gloves with lace, panties and ruffled lace skirt. We have it priced at 200L with 100% of the proceeds to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

The outfit includes the top with large collar, gloves with lace, ruffled skirt and panties.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Devil's Claw Gauntlets

 ImmateriA is proud to be a participant merchant in World Goth Day (WGD), WGD is a RL event started by two DJs in the UK (Martin Oldgoth and Cruel Britannia), to encourage goths of all flavors to get their goth on for one day and enjoy themselves.  Since that time, the idea has spread worldwide, with events all over the globe.  You can learn about World Goth Day if you like, by going here: and checking out what's going on in RL as well.
So,  with that in mind Dark Eternity (the folks behind Gothmas by Gaslight and 8 different stores of their own, plus Club Gothika), decided to take the entire month. 

Our hunt item is our Devil's Claw Gauntlets....

 Incredible creators are participating in this hunt, a hunt for Goths by Goths! Need further info? Check out the blog