Thursday, November 14, 2013

Flickering Lights by the Sea

Need a light? At the end-of-October release was Jack O' Lanterns, a little something to help light the way during those late night walks. The hold-able lanterns include four different colors with flickering candle light.
 Jack O' Lanterns only 75L.
 Horror Haute is participating in this year's Lovecraft Festival, for the next week at the festival grounds I set out this mesh skirt with matching top and Lola appliers. Dunwich Pets is only 50L and five different colors to choose from.

Beneath the Surface
 New release specifically for the Lovecraft Festival is my Dunwich Corsets.
 Deep Ones
 Tentacle Love
 Tethys is an older outfit that I decided to update with a new mesh skirt, mesh accent on the gloves and Lola appliers. The outfit can be found at the mainstore location.