Thursday, December 30, 2010

Self-Squeezing Slithering Scarves?

Is there really anything like having a companion rumored to be a god or goddess? Wrapping itself around, taking a form of a basilisk? Tefnut is the first of such companions, a beautiful shimmery black...

Nidhogg the albino,

slithering Severus, a color easy for camouflage

and lastly Medusa, in beautiful green. Only 75L!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Sssss-sexy Severus Snake

Woeful Wednesday brings something for all the reptilian lovers...Severus makes a docile pet, providing he is fed well. Also included is a set of green basilisk eyes!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Here Comes Krampus!

Our gift to celebrate Christmas comes in the form of a companion of sorts, a companion to St. not mentioned in happy carols. Krampus accompanies the round jolly man during Christmas, warning and punishing bad little ones, in contrast to St. Nicholas who gives gifts to good boys and girls. Krampus is a demon-like creature who roams the streets frightening children with rusty chains and bells, also carrying a stick and a sack. Krampus bears a black face and unruly black hair, a sight sure to frighten the faint at heart.

Nestled under our tree at the store is a version of the mythical Krampus. The set includes the skin, a set of legs (one using Alpha and one using invisi-prims), tail, facial hair, ears, and two blood-stained red velvet bags. Both bags are scripted with on/off jingle bell sounds, one bag to wear and the other to set out with a "trapping" animation.

If you miss the gift, as it is only out for a short period of time it will be up for sale in the shop with some special extras.
Merry Christmas, Gothlings!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Have a Woeful Merry Muerte!

Winter...when the days are shorter and the nights are longer *shivers*
a perfect time to hide dirty little secrets.

Woeful Wednesday brings Merry Muerte, an animated snow scene that will show a different approach to building igloos and snowmen...

and keeping little secrets buried deep inside the circle.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

12 Days of Deathmass

Christmas Holiday often feels like a hunt...always searching for that perfect gift and let's face it, shopping at times can feel like death! So to celebrate the 12 Days of Deathmass, a hunt organized by Yellow Jester, we offer up the Taliesin Shield and Spear.

The shield has a little something that even Eve could not fend off and the spear includes an animation.

I have set out two Christmas chandeliers for fifty lindens for the month of December. Dreaming of a White Christmas features scripted candles with touch on/off and beautiful sculpted ornaments dangling alongside the crystals.

Dreaming of a Red Christmas, also fifty lindens and will be set out for the month of December.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Twisted Krissmus!

For those who desire a little more quiet time during the holidays...Christmas with Poe is the perfect gift. The set includes the Gothic fireplace, crinkled rug, faceless spooky black cat, pillow with animation and the small pine branch decorated with candle light. The fireplace is scripted with sound and a flickering flame with some mistletoe dangling close about a hot kiss *grins wickedly*.
The collection is transferable to allow gift giving and only 100L.

The second item part of the gift giving month for those Twisted shoppers is Steam Brooch Choker, a unisex animated brooch. The brooch is set up at the store for shoppers to get a closer look at the beautiful details.

Don't forget to stop by Sugar.Snap.Me across from the graveyard and next to the ice skating ring for her Twisted Krissmus! Mar has a beautifully crafted Winter Tea House, a perfect gift for shoppers looking for that "WOW" factor.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nowhere to Hide on Woeful Wednesday?

Why so gloomy? Are you fearful because you have nowhere to hide on this Woeful Wednesday? Lucky Darklings...we have a place for you to hide! This week we offer our Nowhere to Hide bloody doll cabinet that comes in four different colors to choose! The cabinet includes two great animations...get your cabinet while the offer is good at only 50L.
Sanguine Red

Belladonna Purple

Decay Green

Dusk Blue

Also at ImmateriA is Captive Cage, a little something Kriss created...includes fifteen poses and display light.
ImmateriA on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (182, 194, 21)

Sugar.Snap.Me offers her Voodoo Swamp Shack named after one of the TruBlood sexy vamps today for Woeful Wednesday. I personally love this..I have all four of her swamp shacks and I also posted a series of photographs on an earlier blog..this is a must for any gator-lovin avie!

Eric - Voodoo Swamp Shack

Also at Sugar.Snap.Me, Mar releases her Haunted House in three ghostly colors...Black


Sugar.Snap.Me on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (226, 225, 21)

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Haunting Sugar.Snap.Me

Welcome Darklings...
Sugar.Snap.Me created this eerie little house for October, a great place for ghoulies to reside.

Cozy fireplace is furnished to take the chill out of any cold or damp being.

Dark, dingy and disturbing...

along with the hangman's noose to welcome all trick-or-treaters!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallow's Woeful Wednesday

What would a Woeful Wednesday be this close to Halloween without something bewitching? This week we have "Cooking with Ezmerelda", the set includes fireplace with a crackling fire sound and flickering light. The animated wooden stool will keep any cold hands toasty next to a warm fire....can you guess what Ezmerelda is cooking *grins wickedly*...

Whirling Razorblades is the ultimate anti-kissing defense mechanism. Just be careful if you need to scratch your nose. You get two full sets of razors; right ear, left ear, nose, chin, mouth, chest, and spine; one set spins clockwise, the other counterclockwise. Each set has 48 blades, so by wearing one set on each ear, nose, mouth, chin, chest, and spine, you can wear a total of 336 razor sharp...razors!

Sugar.Snap.Me creates Midnight Garden, I love this garden set, very "Edgar Allan Poe", the bench is equipped with love scripts and the garden area is scripted with a heart wrenching pose that includes a wearable heart that you hold in your hands!

This is the former Woe item, I now have it up in the store. Each mask is resize scripted to make fitting easier. The pack of three you get at a great price for 100L, but if you insist on just one...we have each mask up for sale individually (but the set of three is the better deal *winks*).

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Black Plague hits Black Bacchanal!

The Black Bacchanal is being handled a little differently for the Halloween Event "The Black Plague", this time around you will find items for the event at participating stores. ImmateriA offers The Black Plague Collection which includes the bonfire with seven animations and scripted fire with ember particles, crackling sound and flickering light. Three set of haybails with animations and a cart with three animations, all for 300L!

If you only want specific pieces, we have split the set up and offering each piece for only 113L,
The Ring Around the Rosy Bonfire is the first of the collection.

The Dead & Dying Cart has three animations.

113L for the set of three Animated Haybails, number one has two animations.

Second haybail has a single crying animations.

Third haybail has three animations.
ImmateriA on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (182, 194, 21)

Sugar.Snap.Me has three items out for the event. The first is Black Death, an animated set that includes a dead tree, fence, rat infested cart, campfire and a stump with candles. All this for 31L!

Second item up for grabs is Ashes Ashes... We all Fall Down, a dark animated porch only 113L. Pictured behind me is the third item, Death is Near Wall Art... a wall hanging for only 13L!

Sugar.Snap.Me on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (226, 225, 21)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Horror of Dolls....

The Gloomy Sunday Gramaphone from [SMOTD] plays a twisted melancholy song, a song with a dark disturbing history *grins wickedly*. The gramaphone also has three poses (not shown).

[SMOTD] Putrid's Secret Nest has three poses and a little bloody doll to confide all your deep dark secrets too!

Spider Queen Dollbox includes three poses and a creepy tune! All three items from [SMOTD] benefit The Sophie Lancaster Foundation, so get your rotting flesh in gear and go to Horrorfest!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Woeful Horror...

Just in time for Halloween...we have MASKS! To introduce the new collection (more to come) we offer the following three for Woeful Wednesday. Bathory Mask is the first item up, a bloody elegant mask Elizabeth would have been proud to wear while the blood dripped from her fang.

Who-do? You-do voodoo with our Lwa Zombi Mask!

Broken Doll Mask

Sugar.Snap.Me offers this creepy seaside skybox entitled Monster for Woe this week.

Horrorfest charity goodies, Grim Dolls creates this stone cold zombie in blue (Blue Zombie) and...

Monochrome Doll, the set includes skin, shape, eyes, hair, dress and shoes.