Monday, December 6, 2010

Merry Twisted Krissmus!

For those who desire a little more quiet time during the holidays...Christmas with Poe is the perfect gift. The set includes the Gothic fireplace, crinkled rug, faceless spooky black cat, pillow with animation and the small pine branch decorated with candle light. The fireplace is scripted with sound and a flickering flame with some mistletoe dangling close about a hot kiss *grins wickedly*.
The collection is transferable to allow gift giving and only 100L.

The second item part of the gift giving month for those Twisted shoppers is Steam Brooch Choker, a unisex animated brooch. The brooch is set up at the store for shoppers to get a closer look at the beautiful details.

Don't forget to stop by Sugar.Snap.Me across from the graveyard and next to the ice skating ring for her Twisted Krissmus! Mar has a beautifully crafted Winter Tea House, a perfect gift for shoppers looking for that "WOW" factor.


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