Wednesday, September 24, 2014

A Little Steam and Dead Space

 ImmateriA is participating in A Clockwork Spiral which is a shopping and music event featuring steampunk, steamgoth, dieselpunk, dieselgoth and dark Victoriana in Second Life to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation.

I have two items offered for 50% proceeds to go towards donation, first a little something for the Gents (shown above) is Arcane Finery. The outfit includes pants, shirt, vest, bowler hat and partial mesh steam-armor. 

 Second item for donation is Don't Go Into the Woods, outfit includes mesh shirt, jumpsuit with belt and goggles.

 A few other items that can be found at the event is Lizzie which is now available in moss along with the seraph color. Outfit includes the pants, jacket, boots and hat.

Pestmeester Blue
  New collection of Plague Masks include the following colors, five available at 
A Clockwork Spiral.

Pestmeester Moss

Pestmeester Rust

Pestmeester Scarlet

Pestmeester Soot
 Take the airship to A Clockwork Spiral:  

 No one can hear you in space...Horror Haute begins today with this month's theme "Dead Space". Item up for grabs named after the event includes mesh dress, mesh cyborg leg animated with electrical volts, cyborg eyes and black ooze tattoo. 
Horror Haute will run from  September 24th - September 30th.
Stand still, wait for the bright light to beam you up

New release inside the mainstore is Bloodstone Voodoo Charms. I managed to conjure a little something to add a bit more mojo to the mesh necklace. Eight charms to choose from, each uniquely marked.

 Mainstore Location