Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Nowhere to Hide on Woeful Wednesday?

Why so gloomy? Are you fearful because you have nowhere to hide on this Woeful Wednesday? Lucky Darklings...we have a place for you to hide! This week we offer our Nowhere to Hide bloody doll cabinet that comes in four different colors to choose! The cabinet includes two great animations...get your cabinet while the offer is good at only 50L.
Sanguine Red

Belladonna Purple

Decay Green

Dusk Blue

Also at ImmateriA is Captive Cage, a little something Kriss created...includes fifteen poses and display light.
ImmateriA on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (182, 194, 21)

Sugar.Snap.Me offers her Voodoo Swamp Shack named after one of the TruBlood sexy vamps today for Woeful Wednesday. I personally love this..I have all four of her swamp shacks and I also posted a series of photographs on an earlier blog..this is a must for any gator-lovin avie!

Eric - Voodoo Swamp Shack

Also at Sugar.Snap.Me, Mar releases her Haunted House in three ghostly colors...Black


Sugar.Snap.Me on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (226, 225, 21)