Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling Into Madness & Hunting the Living Dead

October brings lots of goodies for wicked little ghoulies! To start off the month we are participating in two hunts, the first is Soulless Productions "Falling Into Madness Hunt" which is a horror based themed hunt. My take on horror is Slitherin Splice, which was inspired by the movie Splice. The gift includes a unisex skin, wicked reptilian legs and an axe that is capable of grinding!

Our second item to kick-off the spooked-filled month How Not To Cage A Zombie, a lighted cage to wear equipped with a zombie animation. The set also includes a collar and waist restraint with detailed locks and chains...and a few lunchable items, mmmm brainzzzz! The hunt is the brainchild of Mefo & Samantha from Yellow Jester "Hunt of the Living Dead", so all you Zombie enthusiasts get your rotting arse out and find those goodies!

Most importantly, we have moved to a new location so be sure to watch the notices for the new LM and if you are not in group, here is the way to travel ImmateriA on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (182, 194, 21)

Monday, September 27, 2010

September Silent Lion Troupe

Once a month the Silent Lion Troupe comes around for us at ImmateriA and this month the theme color was "argyle", so in honor of the upcoming bewitching month we offer Witchie-Poo.
The set includes the top and skirt shown, as well as the matching argyle socks, witch hat and the wearable broom with the cute button-eyed black cat. The entire set for only 75L!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Autumn Woes

Today is Woeful Wednesday and we have two Autumn inspired items up for grabs here on Black Plaid. ImmateriA's offering is Autumn Solitude, a wooden daybed (with twigs sticking out) draped with fall-colored fabrics and a pumpkin placed at the foot of the bed. Today only for 50L!

Sugar.Snap.Me offers Autumn Set, the set includes rocking chair, table with luminary and pumpkins. Low prims and low price...what a deal!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Woeful Wednesday Confessions

O' Woe...feeling a little dreary? Do you need a place to just get all of your dark and creepy secrets off your chest? Shall We Confess is our confessional we submit for all of our sinful Darklings today on Woeful Wednesday. Fifty lindens will get you this animated confessional that comes in four different colors, Repentant Red...

Penitent Purple

Guilty Green

Bedeviled Blue

Another Woe item out today is our Dunwich Madness, comes with both head and shoulder attachments and it looks absolutely wicked!

Sugar.Snap.Me offers Spider Glass for woe-mongers. This delightfully dark piece is a must have for any dark home!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Black Bacchanal Oi! It's Anarchy in the UK!

The theme this time around is "in your face" ANARCHY! Kriss created this 32 piece set for a face-full of steel entitled Steel, worthy of any punk.

Our second item to find is our Anarchist Boots, combat-kickers pulled together by safety pins and where would we be without safety pins? The event is being held at The Love/Hate Hivemind, MudHoney (214, 237, 498).

Friday, September 10, 2010

Sugar.Snap.Me to Fall

Time to feature another creative shop on our Isle. Sugar.Snap.Me is located on the beach just below, near the monster cave and is surrounded by water. Please use caution as we cannot guarantee you will not encounter any sea monsters.

Mar Quintessa creates incredible builds, one of which is The Ruins which she uses for her shop.

The build includes this great fountain feature as well as scripted gates and only 200L.

35L Gatcha Machine features The Pom Pom Tree which comes in 9 different colors!

Don't mind Pepe, Mar says that he is quite docile so long as you don't try to feed him!

The Swamp House (150L) comes in three different colors named after the colorful vamps of TrueBlood, Bill, Eric and Sookie(Picture shown is Bill).

The voodoo table is not included, however it is for sale and only 75L.

This rocking chair (75L for a set of two) is also a must have for a swampy existence, nothing like sitting on the porch playing with the gators.

Vampiric bliss, the skybox La Chauve Souris is now only 100L. This skybox is both inexpensive and full of blood-lusting charm!

A new series Mar will be bringing to the Isle is her Autumn Serenity Collection, which is a collection of small homes. The collection will feature six different colors (Acorn Squash, Blue Potato, Eggplant, Radish, Sweet Corn and featured in the picture Pumpkin).

Still out and up for grabs from Woeful and only 50L is L'Encylopedei: Chauvre-Souris. This skybox is the first in a series she is working on.

I personally love this skybox and let's face it...bats are just too damn cute!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodies Galore!

Twisted Hunt is here on Black Plaid Isle! ImmateriA's "spook-tacular" gift is Spirit Rappings , an animated table set that helps talk to the dead. Full of great animations and spooky scripts to assist any medium.
ImmateriA on Black Plaid Isle, Living Dreams (124, 102, 51)

Sugar. Snap. Me continues the "spook-tacular" theme with Spooky Skybox that includes beautiful luminaries, ghosts outside the window sending a big "Boo" and great poses that act out the creeps!
Sugar.Snap.Me @ Black Plaid Isle, Living Dreams (63, 212, 21)

Not only does Wednesday bring Twisted items, but Woeful ones too! For today only we have our
Cave of Lost Souls, larger version for only 50L. The cave includes a series of animations and sound.

Sugar. Snap. Me offers up La Chauve-Souris, a beautiful vampire skybox for only 50L today for Woeful Wednesday.

Black Bacchanal also begins today on Black Plaid Isle and this time around the theme is Fables. Sugar. Snap. Me releases Persian Romance. This is a lovely skybox inspired by 1001 Nights of Snowfall (one of the many tales from Fables).

Dan la Foret continues the theme, but this beautiful dreamy-snowy night skybox includes the falling snow inside.

From ImmateriA we offer the following four, Teller of Tales is a pantaloons outfit with beautiful sculpted roses on the cuffs. Here we have beautiful SnowWhite telling the tale of her 1001 nights in snowfall.

The Lamp of 1001 Wishes is a beautiful sculpted lamp that shows the Genie inside. This is set up at the Black Bacchanal to allow you to see the face that the picture in this ad fails to show.

SnowWhite Bound is beautiful red gown worn for "eyes only".

Lastly for the Black Bacchanal we have Briar Thorn, a beautiful rose sculpted necklace made from the thorn stems of red roses and briar wood branches. The necklace is a beautiful addition to the SnowWhite Bound gown.
Black Bacchanal,BlackPlaid Isle, Living Dreams (150, 104, 2169)