Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Goodies Galore!

Twisted Hunt is here on Black Plaid Isle! ImmateriA's "spook-tacular" gift is Spirit Rappings , an animated table set that helps talk to the dead. Full of great animations and spooky scripts to assist any medium.
ImmateriA on Black Plaid Isle, Living Dreams (124, 102, 51)

Sugar. Snap. Me continues the "spook-tacular" theme with Spooky Skybox that includes beautiful luminaries, ghosts outside the window sending a big "Boo" and great poses that act out the creeps!
Sugar.Snap.Me @ Black Plaid Isle, Living Dreams (63, 212, 21)

Not only does Wednesday bring Twisted items, but Woeful ones too! For today only we have our
Cave of Lost Souls, larger version for only 50L. The cave includes a series of animations and sound.

Sugar. Snap. Me offers up La Chauve-Souris, a beautiful vampire skybox for only 50L today for Woeful Wednesday.

Black Bacchanal also begins today on Black Plaid Isle and this time around the theme is Fables. Sugar. Snap. Me releases Persian Romance. This is a lovely skybox inspired by 1001 Nights of Snowfall (one of the many tales from Fables).

Dan la Foret continues the theme, but this beautiful dreamy-snowy night skybox includes the falling snow inside.

From ImmateriA we offer the following four, Teller of Tales is a pantaloons outfit with beautiful sculpted roses on the cuffs. Here we have beautiful SnowWhite telling the tale of her 1001 nights in snowfall.

The Lamp of 1001 Wishes is a beautiful sculpted lamp that shows the Genie inside. This is set up at the Black Bacchanal to allow you to see the face that the picture in this ad fails to show.

SnowWhite Bound is beautiful red gown worn for "eyes only".

Lastly for the Black Bacchanal we have Briar Thorn, a beautiful rose sculpted necklace made from the thorn stems of red roses and briar wood branches. The necklace is a beautiful addition to the SnowWhite Bound gown.
Black Bacchanal,BlackPlaid Isle, Living Dreams (150, 104, 2169)


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