Sunday, September 23, 2012

ImmateriA at the Mountain of Madness

ImmateriA is slowly awakening from a very deep slumber. What pre-tell could have possibly aroused the beast? A true calling from the deep... an H.P. Lovecraft Festival! I have a booth set up on the festival grounds with a few items inspired by Lovecraft; you will find free cotton candy as well, however I advise bringing a friend to carry you from the fair grounds.
I will also be participating in The Eldergoth Macabre Release Party on September 30th from 5-7pm. This is where you get a chance to take a peek at all the new releases from content creators, sound exciting? I think so! I will actually have NEW items, the world truly is mad. Stay tuned, I will post preview pictures within the next few days. 

Below is a copy of the Lovecraft events and sims:
List of week long festivities:

Arkham is a small town in the world of author,  H.P. Lovecraft. Here, you will find Arkham, Kingsport, and Dunwich - a place to fulfill all your gas light, steam punk and Victorian role playing fantasies!
Arkham is proud to present a riverside carnival with rides during the festival and midway games, beside our Big Top where we will be having our big show (Arkham Cthulhu Review) at 8:00pm SLT on Sunday the 23rd. We are participants in the multi-sim "Artifact Quest", as well!  Expect dancers, witty banter, and perhaps a few surprises!

As you walk around this ethereal, Victorian seaport setting you will encounter many things. Residents, performers in character (perhaps performing a pole dance or throwing knives at the brave) as well as reptilian women, art galleries, hidden goodies and surprises abound. The ghost of Lovecraft is also here, perchance indicating that something important is nearby.

"It was across the river in an old industrial dormitory and converted factory.  Place was a hellhole. I remember the first time they put on one of their puppet shows.  The inmates, young women, confused and afraid, were put up on stage and made to ... it was humiliating, obscene.  Those poor souls.  I threaded eyes with of one of them, a comely, petite brunette.  Her eyes were filled with a haunted sadness that seemed to yearn for escape, even as her body jerked and twitched in that perverse burlesque.
Complaints went to the police of course.  The Mayor had it out with the Chief of Police, very publicly in front of the Bijou, then later, I saw them conversing at the speakeasy.  Mayor was dead quiet the next day, and every day since. 

Strange thing about the Mayor's daughter after that, going crazy.  Couldn't stop touching herself, weeping hysterically the whole time.... she had to be committed, there was nothing to be done."

"It was a town of wide extent and dense construction, yet one with a portentous dearth of visible life. From the tangle of chimney-pots scarcely a wisp of smoke came, and the three tall steeples loomed stark and unpainted against the seaward horizon. One of them was crumbling down at the top, and in that and another there were only black gaping holes where clock-dials should have been. The vast huddle of sagging gambrel roofs and peaked gables conveyed with offensive clearness the idea of wormy decay, and as we approached along the now descending road I could see that many roofs had wholly caved in. There were some large square Georgian houses, too, with hipped roofs, cupolas, and railed "widow's walks". These were mostly well back from the water, and one or two seemed to be in moderately sound condition....
Come explore the eerily beautiful environs of Innsmouth and take in the sights.  Join in some roleplay, if your heart desires, but be warned.  Insanity lurks behind every corner.  On Sunday, Sept. 30th from 5:00pm - 7:00pm, we will be hosting an Eldergoth Release Party!  Expect music, prizes, and much more!

Drift among the melancholic songs of the whippoorwills in Lovecrafton, a private estate community inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Explore Randolph Carter's haunted New England environs in this autumnal countryside of beauty and terror.
Throughout the festival, Lovecrafton will be hosting "Lovecraft Radio Theater Hour" every day of the week from 12:00pm - 1:00pm SLT, The Lovecraft Ball on Sat., Sept. 29th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm SLT, and participating in the multi-sim "Artifact Quest"!

A mist-shrouded island of Bellfast within the Black Mountains amid the Phantasmal Forest, Belfast Island is home to the ancient castle town of Ravenfalls, the ancient burial grounds of forgotten foes, the abyss of T'ser Lake with it's decaying lighthouse, and the old halfling village of Marsh Hollow.  Inspired by such icons as H.P. Lovecraft, George R. R. Martin, Tolkien, Stephen King, and many many more!
Saturday, Sept. 29th from 3:00pm - 5:00pm, we are proud to presents "Murder Mystery in Ravenfalls", a fully interactive mystery for all to solve!  Complete the entire quest and receive the reward!

Sheffield is a scenic small sea port town, catering to folks interested in the Victorian, Steampunk, and Gas Light role playing eras.
On Monday, Sept. 24th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm, Sheffield presents "Zombie Apolalypse".  Come prepared or be fed upon!

Valbella is a victorian era land where fighting races/species are bound together by survival. They all must work together to live and flourish in this industrialized world filled with undead, fae, demons, humans, and mystical creatures.

We are proud to present "Rutledge Executivas Insanistis", a performance given by our inmates at the Rutledge insane asylum on Tuesday, Sept. 25 from 4:00pm - 6:00pm SLT. Come for the entertainment, stay because you can't leave!

Village of Nyght is an eerie village with an ancient graveyard, woods filled with the undead, old huanted mansion, and scenic campfire where you can listen to old time radio show!
On Satruday, Sept. 29th from 6:00pm - 8:00pm, join us for the Anarchy in R'yleh costume party!  Come in your best Lovecraft themed costume and enter to win the costume contest, enjoy the environment, and participate in the festivities!  Prizes, laughs, screams, and more await you!

Further information you can find on the festival website Festival
Hope to see you all there!