Friday, June 28, 2013

Raven Shroud Corset

 Raven Shroud is the newest of corsets that ImmateriA will be releasing in the coming week. The corset is a rigged mesh item with original artwork; features buckles in the back and comes in seven sizes.

As part of our new line of corsets, ImmateriA is one of the sponsors this evening for an event at Club Zero: Chemicals & Corsetry.
"Because we feel there's so much more to see
 But not much left here to believe
 So we all find our way in life,
Through Chemicals and" Corsetry?!?!?

Yes.. Club Zero Brings you a rare SL Event! With over 10 of the Grids Hottest Designers offering up gifts and prizes (some being especially crafted for the evening). This is one party you do NOT want to miss! Friday, June 28th from 6-8pm SLT with DJ Punky.

Best in Cyber or Corsets could win you big! (All Entries Must be in Theme and present to win and will be checked).

Sponsored By:
* ImmateriA * Sugar * Plastik * Souzou Eien * Sakide * Pin Me Down * The Sinners Crossroad * Collisions * {Rue} * PunkD Out Designs * Czarny Kanarek * No Name * [LW] * Sn@tch *

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Blood in Stone

 It's June and what better time to sit back and enjoy old movies? In an homage to Subspecies, this month's Horror Haute I have set out three sets of bloodstone rings based on the characters. Three different bloodstone sets to choose, each set includes a gold and silver mesh ring.
 Horror Haute runs from June 24th until June 30th. Seven flesh tearing, blood gushing days of shopping bliss!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The Ghost in You

The Ghost In You is the newest release from ImmateriA. This short ruffled dress includes lace stockings that match the lace on the veiled hat.
Your captive heart, the belief you share
With a kiss eternal, the spirits of the square

Hold the whirlwind, don’t let it blow
Hope remains with the ghost in you
Hold the whirlwind, don’t let it blow
I seemed to know the ghost in you!