Friday, March 23, 2012

New World Order

March brings another round for Horror Haute and with this month's sale event I decided to play upon the new photographs that will make their debut on my friend Lara's blog, her theme is the Apocalypse. New World Order is a scripted gas mask that features an on/off breather sound loop, breath particles for effect and a scripted eye cover that reveals a little grim surprise.

March's Horror Haute event will be from the 25th until the 31st.

Friday, March 9, 2012

...during the Twilight Hour

I have been busy trying to finish up the updates, creating new content and providing additional colors. Twilight Hour is one of those lucky outfits.

 Acrux {purple}

Deneb {white}

 Lyrae {red}

Pleiades {blue}

Obsidian {black}

The outfit includes top with cross and lace edging, matching pantaloons with bows, matching headband and feathered choker with cameo and crystals.
Outfit is equipped with a resize script in order to accommodate all sizes.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Twisted Arcane

ImmateriA ~Alcina Outfit~
 Twisted Hunt is here and will run through until the end of March. I have two gifts (placed in one lucky cube), the first is Alcina, the outfit includes the top, skirt, tattoo and a rotating enchantment that attaches to the tattoos located on the wrists.
Alcina was a sorceress who had a nasty little habit of turning lovers she tired of into stones, animals or trees *cackles*.

ImmateriA ~Kirin~

 Our second gift is Kirin, the Kirin are known for their ability to discern the heart of a person; to judge guilt or innocence. The Kirin is said to be a fierce and fearsome beast when innocents are threatened, but usually is quite gentle. No two stories seem to agree on what exactly a Kirin's powers are, or what exactly it looks like.
Our version includes the shirt, hoove leggings, hooves, horn, tail, chainmail armor and shoulder attachments, rotating enchantment that attaches to chest and includes your choice of particles or none.