Friday, January 31, 2014

The Tainted Love of Jorinda and Joringel

 5th Annual Tainted Love hunt begins February 1st until the 29th and ImmateriA is participating! I have two hunt items to offer, Jorinda and Joringel based upon Grimm's fairytale. 

 Jorinda includes the mesh dress with feather attachments.

 Joringel includes the owl mask and birdcage with the enchanted flower, or is it?

 Also released is San La Muerte, an update to the choker which includes a bracelet and ring with a wearable color change HUD, a total of nine deathly hallows. Ooooo....spooky!

Sunday, January 12, 2014

The Lady & the Vamp

Helena's Flowers
A new collection of corsets released! Pulled tight to emphasize your curves with ruffled fabric draping around the hips, absolutely irresistible.

My Love, Melt

Purple Crush

Gone Batty

Lord Ruthven - Bloodlust
 Ruthven is a demon,
Ruthven is a vampire!
His Love is Death!

First in a three part collection of suits for the deadly aristocracy! Lord Ruthven is available in two colors.

Lord Ruthven - Shadowplay

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Vicious Chic

Finally...something for those dastardly gents, Vicious Chic is our newest item in five different plaid styles for the swanky fashion-en-steins!

Vicious Chic - Red Plaid

Vicious Chic - Blue Plaid

Vicious Chic - Orange Plaid

Vicious Chic - White Plaid

Vicious Chic - Black Plaid

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vampire Masquerade

Stregoni Gown {Shadow}
 The Eldergoth Macabre is hosting a release party for content creators to showcase new items on Sunday, January 6th at 6pm SLT. The party will be held at the Village of Nyght Manor and ballroom attire is requested for the Vampire Masquerade. 

New for ImmateriA is the Stregoni Gown, a beautifully draped silk gown that includes lace trimmed gloves and the animated sigarette.

Stregoni Gown {Acacia}

Stregoni Gown {Crimson}

Stregoni Gown {Azure}

Moroi {Darkness}

Moroi will keep even the coldest flesh room temperature, the fur-lined dress includes the fur hand-warmer equipped with hold to keep both hands tucked neatly inside. A laced corset adorns the waist and can also be worn separately. 

Moroi {Blood}

Moroi {Nightshade}