Friday, June 27, 2014

You do with that voodoo!

Pact One {Kurkva, Simbi, Legba}
 Danh-Gbwe is the serpentine voodoo rompers now available in five packs (or as I have dubbed them, "pact") of three different colors/or patterns! The mesh rompers include a snake collar firmly attached to the chain loops and a matching eye-patch adorned with a crystal pendant and medallion charm. Rompers are available in seven sizes and also include arm bracers.

Pact Two {Ayizan, Ghede Linto, Tonthomba}

Pact Three {Sekhelo, Ogoun, Brigitte}

Pact Four {Damballah, Loko, Marassa}

Pact Five {Erzulie Freda, Ohuwaghnn, Erzulie}

 I updated a past Witching Hour item...Bishop is now available at the mainstore. This  bewitching free-flowing short dress is available in five different colors.

Geisha Doll: Red Latex
 Last but not least...Geisha Doll! The open-back dress with a cute mesh bow is available in five different color/pattern option. 

Geisha Doll: Black Cat

Geisha Doll: Asian Plum

Geisha Doll: Green Latex

Geisha Doll: In Blue