Thursday, September 30, 2010

Falling Into Madness & Hunting the Living Dead

October brings lots of goodies for wicked little ghoulies! To start off the month we are participating in two hunts, the first is Soulless Productions "Falling Into Madness Hunt" which is a horror based themed hunt. My take on horror is Slitherin Splice, which was inspired by the movie Splice. The gift includes a unisex skin, wicked reptilian legs and an axe that is capable of grinding!

Our second item to kick-off the spooked-filled month How Not To Cage A Zombie, a lighted cage to wear equipped with a zombie animation. The set also includes a collar and waist restraint with detailed locks and chains...and a few lunchable items, mmmm brainzzzz! The hunt is the brainchild of Mefo & Samantha from Yellow Jester "Hunt of the Living Dead", so all you Zombie enthusiasts get your rotting arse out and find those goodies!

Most importantly, we have moved to a new location so be sure to watch the notices for the new LM and if you are not in group, here is the way to travel ImmateriA on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (182, 194, 21)


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