Saturday, December 25, 2010

Here Comes Krampus!

Our gift to celebrate Christmas comes in the form of a companion of sorts, a companion to St. not mentioned in happy carols. Krampus accompanies the round jolly man during Christmas, warning and punishing bad little ones, in contrast to St. Nicholas who gives gifts to good boys and girls. Krampus is a demon-like creature who roams the streets frightening children with rusty chains and bells, also carrying a stick and a sack. Krampus bears a black face and unruly black hair, a sight sure to frighten the faint at heart.

Nestled under our tree at the store is a version of the mythical Krampus. The set includes the skin, a set of legs (one using Alpha and one using invisi-prims), tail, facial hair, ears, and two blood-stained red velvet bags. Both bags are scripted with on/off jingle bell sounds, one bag to wear and the other to set out with a "trapping" animation.

If you miss the gift, as it is only out for a short period of time it will be up for sale in the shop with some special extras.
Merry Christmas, Gothlings!


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