Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Black Plague hits Black Bacchanal!

The Black Bacchanal is being handled a little differently for the Halloween Event "The Black Plague", this time around you will find items for the event at participating stores. ImmateriA offers The Black Plague Collection which includes the bonfire with seven animations and scripted fire with ember particles, crackling sound and flickering light. Three set of haybails with animations and a cart with three animations, all for 300L!

If you only want specific pieces, we have split the set up and offering each piece for only 113L,
The Ring Around the Rosy Bonfire is the first of the collection.

The Dead & Dying Cart has three animations.

113L for the set of three Animated Haybails, number one has two animations.

Second haybail has a single crying animations.

Third haybail has three animations.
ImmateriA on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (182, 194, 21)

Sugar.Snap.Me has three items out for the event. The first is Black Death, an animated set that includes a dead tree, fence, rat infested cart, campfire and a stump with candles. All this for 31L!

Second item up for grabs is Ashes Ashes... We all Fall Down, a dark animated porch only 113L. Pictured behind me is the third item, Death is Near Wall Art... a wall hanging for only 13L!

Sugar.Snap.Me on Black Plaid, Gold Coast (226, 225, 21)


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