Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Horrorfest Peeks & Woeful Wednesday Items

Nothing like a little blood, mayhem and blades spinning that tear into tender flesh to kick off an event! Kehl Razor of =Razorblade Jacket= offers Sawblade Nightmare to the Horrorfest Charity Event that will benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

Arora Zanzibar of *~Zanzibar creationZ~* created the beautifully macabre display of 3D framed artwork: Witchframe, Skeleframe & Ghostframe.

'No Strings Attached' creator Milli Santos, created this gnarly wood witch broom appropriately entitled Life's a Witch for Horrorfest.

Isabeal Jupiter of A Netherworld put her creative juices to work with the following items, the first is Spooky Garden Bench which includes everything shown. Also in the picture is a sculpted animated bat you can click to wear that will fly around you *grins all giddy-like*.

The Spooky Ruffle Dress comes in four different colors: black, purple, red & blue. You can purchase them individually or as a fat pack.

Brains anyone? A Netherworld creates Oops! Run! Zombie Graves...

and what do you think all zombies need to quench a little thirst for the crazies? Zombie Virus Drink of course!

Lastly from A Netherworld is Stir it up, Witch! A Cauldron Scene every creepy lil witch needs to be complete.

.::ODB:: Maezy Magic inspired by the ultimate creepy, a Horrorfest Clown! The set includes skin, nose, eyes, dress and shoes. Also pictured is Tricks Skullie, where else are you going to put all that candy you find from screaming children running away *laughs wickedly*?

Sacred Roses Furniture adds to the horrorfest Butcher's Secret Room, a delightful little room to play in.

What do you suppose Kiera Seda had in mind when she created the room, some new culinary delight?

Other items you will find at Horrorfest: Skin Deep/Litlte Pricks graciously donates Angels Among Us, which is a sculpted wrist cuff.

Pie Darkstone of Pie Hole created THE HEARBREAK OF PSORIASIS skin in female form

and male.

*~Zanzibar creationZ~* will also have Jill-O-Lantern, remember Darklings, this is all to benefit a great charity!

...and if that was not enough information, don't forget that it is still Woeful Wednesday! ImmateriA has out Oh, Boo! an item inspired by Tim Burton's Beetlejuice, the part in the movie when the Maitland's make a comical attempt to scare the Deetz Family from their home by wearing designer sheets? The avie also includes a scripted on/off ghost sound!

This week for the gents Kriss placed out his Naglfar Demon that includes skin, eyes, horns & wings.

Jewlery set, Keys to Eternity that includes earrings and bellycharm.

The Haunted Bridge is a great piece to use in your landscaping, low prims and also includes ghost lighting.

Last item for Woe is from Sugar.Snap.Me...for your housing needs Mar created this skybox Indigo Treats that includes everything shown in the picture above, rocking chair, table, luminary, pumpkins and yes, CANDY!


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