Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Macabre and the Woe...

This time around the powers-that-be from the Macabre Hunt handed down the theme based on the creepy from the deep, Davy Jones...argh! With that in mind we at ImmateriA decided to have a little fun and create something very new for us, Selkie Venom, our take on a very twisted little creature that takes great joy in the demise of humankind on the high seas! The gift includes skin, fins, tail, ears, hunting belt and a few modesty shells for those who wish to keep their modest parts hidden from the fish. The skin is unisex, so the shells can also be used to "enhance" an area that may not really be there...*laughs wickedly*.

Sugar.Snap.Me created Davy Jones Locker, a brilliant little build that helps tell the story of poor Davy Jones, this is a must have for all pirate enthusiasts! Its dark and creepy, so grab your hunting spear and directional compass and come seek the Macabre gifts out and get those apples!

Davy Jones heart...

look over your shoulder, never know what one will find...hidden treasure?

Woeful Wednesday brings more goodies for all of the woe-mongers. Sugar.Snap.Me set out a little Hocus Pocus, the table includes all seen (except the rug) for only 50L!

The Tell Tale Heart is a Poe inspired build, the set includes the freshly buried grave, grave-marker, scripted oil lamp and stump (two different animations for RP). Also included is a wearable shovel and lamp with on/off script.

Kriss has set out three things for your enjoyment, the first is something for our dashing woeful gents, Steel with Style is a tintable goatee adorned with a face full of metal that also comes with three different attachment points.

Dressed to Kill is a snazzy little hat well equipped for some serious damage and only 50L!

Just in time for Halloween, here is a little package of full prim headstones that include animations and ghost lighting.


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