Friday, October 15, 2010

Oh the Horror! Zombies Raiding!

ImmateriA's Horrorfest item is Nowhere to Hide, a creepy little doll wardrobe, animated with a sit for hiding inside and a broken light and glass under-foot.

Savoir Faire Shapes offers something for pretty zombies everywhere, Tendrils ~Greta Hair~ in pearl and...


The Dollhouse from Sugar.Snap.Me is only 21 prims, perfect for wicked little dollies to play in (toys are not included because I don't share well with others *grins wickedly*)!

Another dollhouse from Sugar.Snap.Me is Captive Dolly, a skybox even Rapunzel could tolerate imprisonment! The skybox includes animated bed, table with candle, rug and rocking chair.

Ephedra Loon of Dragon Charm Designs offers for the event Bat Necklace.

Horrorfest will be open to the public at 5pm SLT when the event begins with the demented sounds of Sway Schism!

We have more Zombies!!! The Dead Dolls of SL presents Zombie Raid which begins today, ImmateriA offers hunters this corroded Zombie Armor with resize scripting. An added bonus we will be offering our I Zombie X hair shown above for only 75L! The hair includes protruding brain and eyeball with other matching eye.


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