Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Hallow's Woeful Wednesday

What would a Woeful Wednesday be this close to Halloween without something bewitching? This week we have "Cooking with Ezmerelda", the set includes fireplace with a crackling fire sound and flickering light. The animated wooden stool will keep any cold hands toasty next to a warm fire....can you guess what Ezmerelda is cooking *grins wickedly*...

Whirling Razorblades is the ultimate anti-kissing defense mechanism. Just be careful if you need to scratch your nose. You get two full sets of razors; right ear, left ear, nose, chin, mouth, chest, and spine; one set spins clockwise, the other counterclockwise. Each set has 48 blades, so by wearing one set on each ear, nose, mouth, chin, chest, and spine, you can wear a total of 336 razor sharp...razors!

Sugar.Snap.Me creates Midnight Garden, I love this garden set, very "Edgar Allan Poe", the bench is equipped with love scripts and the garden area is scripted with a heart wrenching pose that includes a wearable heart that you hold in your hands!

This is the former Woe item, I now have it up in the store. Each mask is resize scripted to make fitting easier. The pack of three you get at a great price for 100L, but if you insist on just one...we have each mask up for sale individually (but the set of three is the better deal *winks*).


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